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Bank of Canada Raises Interest Rates … Again

For the second time in less than two months, the Bank of Canada has raised interest rates.

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Not Even Junk Will Fetch High Interest Rates Anymore

It’s not just those cranky Austrians calling central bankers on the carpet these days. Everyone knows, is holding their breath, and hoping for the best.

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Bank of Canada Raises Rates for First Time in 7 Years

Money and Banking

It may be minor, but this week's rate hike should be just high enough so the Bank of Canada can cut them again when things start to get tough.

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Today Janet Yellen Explained (Yet Again) Why Interest Rates Should Stay Low

Money and BanksMoney and Banking

Today, Janet Yellen struck a dovish tone with Congress, saying that the Fed's target interest rate is not really that low after all.

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Canadian Interest Rates Set to Rise?

The team at the Bank of Canada has confused cause and effect once again.

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The Super Bubble Is in Trouble

Once the Super-Bubble pops, we will see what people demand as the ultimate means of payment: gold or cyber units, or both.

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Help Wanted: Lenders with No Experience (or Short Memories) to Make Risky Mortgages

Home values are up, flipping is back in vogue, and more than a little subprime sauce is needed to keep the party cooking.

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Kaplan and Kashkari: Slowing Inflation Makes More Rate Hikes a Challenge

Dallas Fed's Robert Kaplan and Minneapolis Fed's Need Kashkari are less optimistic than Yellen about the prospects for 2% inflation.

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Fed Officials Can't See What's Right In Front Of Them

Why is it so controversial to suggest that we should leave interest rates and credit markets alone?

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Monetary Tightening as "Excessive Monetary Action?"

Tim Duy pretends that rising interest rates is an example of an excessive Fed, but overlooks the true monetary excesses of monetary expansion.

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