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Healthcare: Government — Not Technology — Is Driving Prices Up

HealthTaxes and SpendingPolitical Theory

Technology by itself isn't what's making health care so expensive. A more likely cause is government intervention through welfare and regulation.
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Judge Rules Health Insurance Companies Matter More Than Taxpayers

HealthLegal System

Both taxpayers and health insurers are victims of Obamacare. Why are courts penalizing the former to protect the latter?
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Healthcare Is Not Immune to the Laws of Economics


Proclaiming health care to be a "right" won't make new doctors, hospitals, drugs, and medical equipment fall from the sky — in just the right amounts.
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A Heartless "Solution" to the Heroin Epidemic

HealthLegal SystemPolitical Theory

By over-prescribing opiate painkillers, doctors drive many to heroin. Some conservatives want to "solve" the problem by imprisoning more addicts.
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What Republicans Miss About Healthcare Reform

Big GovernmentHealth


Senator Rand Paul's proposal is an improvement from Obamacare, but it doesn't address the fundamental problems with American healthcare.

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Obamacare: Is It Worse Than What Came Before It?

Big GovernmentHealth


The US economy has been so malformed by interventionist policy, it has become difficult to say how even a policy of repeal might distort markets.

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Has "Market Failure" Caused High Health-Care Prices?

HealthPolitical Theory


The health-care industry is a labyrinth of government regulations and monopolies. It should surprise no one that prices are increasing rapidly.

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The Obamacare Tipping Point

HealthPolitical Theory


Why the huge price increases associated with the ACA? Obamacare has too much risk and too little population of healthy individuals to bear the cost.

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Health-Care Cronies Seek Monopoly Powers over Contact Lenses

HealthPolitical TheoryPrivate Property


Some health-industry interest groups think you have too much freedom when it comes to contact lenses.

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How Medical Licensing Laws Can Shield Incompetent Doctors

HealthPolitical Theory


The cronyist American Medical Association has forced doctors to choose between protecting "the profession" and protecting their patients.

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