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Spain's 2016 Election: Is There Any Hope for Liberty?

StrategyInterventionismPolitical Theory


Spain is prepping for a new election this month, and there is little sign of a national desire for freedom and free markets.

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Notes on the Libertarian Party Convention

StrategyPolitical Theory


None of the candidates offered a real alternative to government as we know it. Let's make the case for a society not organized around politics.

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The Week in Review: May 28, 2016

Big GovernmentThe FedStrategyU.S. EconomyInterventionism

Memorial Day weekend is a time to reflect on war, rather than celebrate it.
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The Task Confronting Libertarians

Big GovernmentStrategyGold Standard


Written in 1968, Hazlitt discusses libertarian strategy, why Big Business won't defend capitalism, and the importance of defending sound money.

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Choosing the Evil of Two Lessers

Big GovernmentLegal SystemStrategy


Building a freer society means winning the battle of ideas, not the empty contests put on by the central government every four years.

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Progressives, Left and Right

StrategyPolitical Theory


Progressivism is a ravenous lion, conservativism is a neutered housecat. Failure to understand this is an enormous tactical and moral mistake for advocates of liberty.

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The Sober Political Reality for Libertarians

StrategyPolitical Theory


Most Americans today are now reflexively progressive, meaning they want government to do something, rather than reflexively libertarian.

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Against Public Policy



Mises: To seek to organize society is just as crazy as it would be to tear a living plant to bits in order to make a new one out of the dead parts.

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Hillary Clinton Wins the Federal Reserve Primary

Big GovernmentStrategyThe FedMoney and Banking


Hillary Clinton has received $18,747 in campaign contributions from Federal Reserve employees — over four times more than all other candidates combined.

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